Bilbao BBK Live Tour 2017

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Bilbao BBK Live Tour 2017

$3,390 AUD per person20% deposit to secure your seat

Spain, France

26th June ‐
11th July 2017

16 Days

15 Nights

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Set on top of a mountain in the picturesque Basque country you'll be wondering if life really does get any better than this. With a crowd that exceeds100,000 people Bilbao BBK Live isn't your average roll up, get off and f*ck off shindig. It's about the laid-back mornings, breezy Summer days followed by sangria-blurred evenings. We'll kick off in Barcelona, get amongst the beautiful Spaniards and head into the hills for San Vino. After the wine has run out of our super-soakers we'll head to Moliets-et-Maa in Southern France to try our hand at surfing before crossing the border, dousing ourselves in some history at San Fermin and then checking into our bell tents at BBK Live to watch the days unravel.

Barcelona - Haro - Moliet - Pamplona - San Sebastian - Bilbao BBK Live Music Festival

*We strongly suggest everyone reads through the FAQ's down the bottom of the page for further important info.
*Please note flights aren't included for this tour
*Deposits are non-refundable
*2nd payment due by 25/01/2017
*Final payment due by 25/03/2017

• Itinerary subject to change
• B / L / D / BZ = Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Booze (meaning either beers & sangria or open bar)


  • 15 nights accomodation
  • Coach liner Transport
  • BBK - Glamping + all meals (buffet until 3pm. Welcome drink on arrival. 24hr bar available)
  • San Vino Wine Festival - Glamping + all meals & alcohol
  • San Fermin (bulls) - Glamping + all meals & alcohol
  • San Seb Surf Camp - Glamping + all meals & alcohol
  • Moliets - Glamping + all meals & alcohol
  • Barcelona - St. Christophers Inn
  • Tour of Las Ramblas and Boqueria Market
  • Barceloneta Beach
  • Entry - Barcelona Club Night
  • Post festival pool party
  • Big family dinners at campsite
  • Open air cinema movie night
  • San sebastian sunset drinks and pintxos tour
  • 4th of July Party, San Sebastian. Unlimited beer and sangria
  • Entry - La Zuriolla nightclub
  • San Fermin the Running of the Bulls
  • Unlimited beer and sangria at campsite
  • BBQ Dinners and breakfasts at campsite
  • Bilbao BBK Live 3 day pass w transport
  • Comprehensive Entourage Tours travel kit
  • 2x Entourage tour guides showing you how it's done
  • Entourage film/photographer catching your every move (If minimal numbers reached)

*Please note glamping is 'luxury camping' which consists of Bell Tent Teepee (2 people) with luggage drawer containers under beds. All set up on arrival.

The Itinerary

Day 01 — Welcome

Beautiful people, tasty tapas, and sun drenched beaches. Barcelona is the perfect place to unwind after a long flight, but don't chill your bones for too long, there’s no rest for the wicked or weary. After everyone has settled in we'll head down to the famous Las Ramblas. The bar scene there is the perfect place to catch up with new friends and get acquainted. That person you're tonguing could wind up to be your future ex spouse, ya know.

Day 02 — Barcelona

This morning well shake the jet lag with a little bike tour around the city. We can check out a few interesting sights, smells, and maybe even learn a fun fact or two. Once we are finished being cycle warriors we can check out Barceloneta beach. From there you can take a plunge into the crystal clear Mediterranean, catch up with that sexy dish from last night, or if we're feeling crazy hop on the banana boats. As night falls we’ll stretch our vitamin D soaked limbs and shake off the cobwebs, a big Barcelona Club night awaits us.

Day 03 — Topa!

Sink a glass of fresh OJ and grab your bags, we’re heading into wine country! Take in the beautiful countryside as you watch Spain turn from Catalonia to the Basque Country. As we arrive at our campsite nestled in the vineyards you will be greeted with a beer and BBQ dinner. Oh yeah, the whole time you’re at camp the beers and sangria is unlimited and free! Free beer = free love? As the day turns into night we’ll all march into the Haro city centre. The locals put on a massive party with live music, huge projectors, and crazy people pumping all through the night. This party still remains a bit of a local secret and you can really see just how much these Spanish people like to party. ( B / D / BZ )

Day 04 — Glorious Grapes

San Vino is on! Hope that party didn't set ya back too much... this festival is for those who enjoy an early morning, or not sleeping. We’ll take a stroll up to the vineyard together and by the time you get to the top, you will be drenched in red wine. You've never seen people going so mad with a little vino tinto before. Arm your super soakers or stock up on your boxes of wine, this one will get a little messy! If you haven't had enough yet there is a bull fight in the arena in town if you’re into that bullsh*t. For those still standing we’ll sing kumbaya and chill out at camp. Consider yourself an absolute marathon runner if you're not horizontal by this point. ( B / D / BZ )

Day 05 — Take it Easy

Today is the day we can finally chill, I know its been a big couple days. Well slug ourselves on the bus and make our way to Moliets. Here we stay in a beautiful surf camp in the South of France. Here we can really chill out because once we move from here again it's full sprint. ( B / D )

Day 06 — If in Doubt Paddle Out

Imagine everything you've heard about the South of France. Well, keep that image in your head and now put yourself and all your new friends there. We’ll hop over the border to our surf camp at Moliets-et-Maa where it’s about as chilled as it gets. There’s a hammock station, chill out teepees, a massive beach, a skate ramp, and bikes all over so you can stay shaded when your faded. Did we mention pumping waves? Try your hand at surfing with a lesson from one of the camp legends before coming back to a delicious dinner with the crew. After we all have finished a massive family dinner at camp we’ll honour the chilled out vibes of Southern France and put a movie up on the projector. Find a buddy, snuggle up and sink our toes into the sand...ahhh there’s nothing like an open air cinema under the stars to ease us all back to health. ( B / L / D )

Day 07 — Mon Amour

Believe it or not this small beach town has a few bars and even a club! We’ll have a barefoot beach bash to loosen up then head on into town. They love a bit of live music in these parts so find your favourite dancing partner and cut loose. Today we can over-indulge in the beautiful and chilled out beach town of Moliets-et-Maa. Get in the water and have a surf at the world class beach break, skate the mini ramp, jam on the guitars, eat cheese and baguettes, or go find a French lover. The day is yours. ( B / L / D )

Day 08 — Sink or Swim

After a few too many of those French wines in town last night take today to explore the coast line and get salty. There has never been a better hangover cure than a dip in the sea in the South of France. Cozy on up and listen to the waves as you doze off to sleep. After France we've got a full agenda of party to tick off the list. ( B / L / D )

Day 09 — Sunrise to Sunset

Wake up and breathe in the beautiful Basque Country. Enjoy walking around the old part of town, get some tasty bites, and jump on for our 4th of July party. Once again it’s time to go crazy - our party will have unlimited free beer and sangria so bottoms up! Bring your dancing shoes and dig those disco toes into the dance floor. For all those Yanks out there it's the 4th of July, but we'll use any excuse we can to make a night out of it. ( B / D / BZ )

Day 10 — Basque Country

I know what you're thinking... that was the best 4th of July party of your life. Mostly because you've probably never seen so few Americans partying for their day in Spain. Yeah, that's what we were thinking as well. Today we can chill out at our Basque surf camp and enjoy the beach, waves, and each other's company. This is one of the best sunset spots in Europe and we intend to take in every last second. The next few days are going to be pretty wild. ( B / D / BZ )

Day 11 — Bilbao BBK Live

Alright who's ready to embark on a 5 day bender!? Bilbao is a beautiful town that goes mental for this festival. It almost feels like a private festival for you and your friends, except the biggest names in music come too. Let’s get back in the spirit and suppress the images of people being gored by bulls in our heads. It’s about dancing and movin’ to the groove. *BBK Live 2017 line-up. Depeche Mode The Killers Die Antwoord Justice Two Door Cinema Club Phoenix Fleet Foxes 1975 Coque Malla Cabbage Dellafuente & Maka Niña Coyote Eta Chico Tornado Sundara Karma Bawrut Andrew Weatherall The Black Madonna Daphni Dixon DJ Tennis Job Jobse Lena Willikens Motor City Drum Ensemble Marvin & Guy + more ( B / L )

Day 12 — Festival Day 2

Our glamping accomodation is pretty darn sweet for this festival. The music ends at 8am and there is 24h bars so get ready to get groovy! Festival Day 2 *BBK Live 2017 line-up Depeche Mode The Killers Die Antwoord Justice Two Door Cinema Club Phoenix Fleet Foxes 1975 Coque Malla Cabbage Dellafuente & Maka Niña Coyote Eta Chico Tornado Sundara Karma Bawrut Andrew Weatherall The Black Madonna Daphni Dixon DJ Tennis Job Jobse Lena Willikens Motor City Drum Ensemble Marvin & Guy + more ( B / L )

Day 13 — Festival Day 3

*BBK Live 2017 line-up Depeche Mode The Killers Die Antwoord Justice Two Door Cinema Club Phoenix Fleet Foxes 1975 Coque Malla Cabbage Dellafuente & Maka Niña Coyote Eta Chico Tornado Sundara Karma Bawrut Andrew Weatherall The Black Madonna Daphni Dixon DJ Tennis Job Jobse Lena Willikens Motor City Drum Ensemble Marvin & Guy + more ( B / L )

Day 14 — Pamplona

Alright guys I know its been all the funs and pretty draining, but we have a big last push to go! Today we will get over to Pamplona. After settling in we can go check out the city. I promise you have never seen a street festival so wild. The brave can either stay in the city center until the sun comes out or we can catch the bus back and forth. But when the sun comes up be ready to run! ( B / D )

Day 15 — Pamplona Day 2

This is it. The main event. Of course we have saved the best for last. Buckle up boys and girls today we run for our lives from those big horned animals. Embrace all the fear and excitement in the air, get ready for the adrenaline ride of your life! ( B / D )

Day 16 — Last Day

Unfortunately todays the day where you’ll clean yourself up, pack your bags and say your goodbyes to new friends and look forward to new adventures.

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$3,390 AUD per person

for 16 Days and 15 Nights in Spain, France

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this tour start and finish?

This tour starts in Barcelona. We will meet at our accommodation at 2pm in the Belushi Bar. We will then finish off the tour in Pamplona. Customers have the option to extend their stay at camp or head back to Surf Camp if they wish and pre arrange, or else we will call it quits in Pamps.

Do I need to bring my own camp stuff?

No, each new place we go will have pre erected glamping tents.

What weather should I pack for?

While the summer in Spain/France is just about to start cooking, the nights can be quite chilly. We recommend some lightweight jumpers and jeans, but mostly summer gear.

Can we get traditional clothes for San Fermin?

Yes, at both of our campsites for San Vino and San Fermin you can purchase the traditional all white clothing for approx. 30€

Do we have a safe place to put our bags while camping?

Yes, every 2 people will share a very large teepee bell tent that has a lockable luggage storage container inside

What is included at the campsites?

During our stay at San Vino, San Sebastián Surf Camp, and San Fermin we will have unlimited beer and sangria, as well as breakfast and dinner. When at our surf camp in Moliets we will have all 3 meals included. And while at BBK we will have a buffet from 10am - 3pm All campsites will have guides to answer questions and show you where you can find some good times

What if you get lost during a festival?

All guides will have international SIM cards, and we recommend you get a cheap Spanish/French sim as well. Although we keep our old school roots and provide you with addresses and phone numbers of where we stay along with a common meeting group for everyone.

When do we have some free time?

While the start and finish of the tour are party heavy, the middle is quite cruisey. Our time in Moliets will primarily be spent on the beach enjoying the sun, sand, and sea. Try your hand at surfing or chill in a hammock all day and recuperate.

We are nervous about running with the Bulls, do we have to run?

No, people can run or spectate. Most like to view from arena safe and sound and others from the street where you can feel the force as the bulls pass by, but nobody has to run if they don't want to.

Can we bring our own alcohol to BBK?

Yes, the campsite at BBK allows personal alcohol to be brought in but not into the actual festival grounds.

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